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Headway: brain injury auckland website, 2016

freelance, web design & build, photoshop, illustrator,
basic css, airsquare


Headway: Brain Injury Auckland aims to improve the lives of people and families affected by brain injury by providing support, education and help navigating the journey to a new reality. The organisation’s website had been offline for some years due to technical issues and the existing content lost.

I therefore started this project from scratch with an established logo and brief to:

  • Use the Airsquare web-hosting platform.
  • Create an online resource that catered to the accessibility requirements of individuals impacted by brain injury.
  • Provide facilities to process memberships and donations online.
  • Include a blog and events section that could be updated by the Headway Manager or volunteer staff.
  • Utilise the Airsquare customer database so newsletters and events emails could be distributed to Headway members and stakeholders.

Airsquare offers a range of templated layouts and responsive designs that can be adapted to suit customer requirements and developed further using custom CSS.

In order to promote accessiblity the Headway website uses large-scale text with the friendly, rounded terminal san serif Nunito for headings and Open Sans in body text.

 I customised the scrolling header format to aid readibility by creating significant colour contrast between the text and background image.

Icons and photographs are also used, where appropriate, to assist comprehension.

I was also responsible for writing and editing some content.


‘Resident photographer’ and Headway member Bill Ellis took the photographs used on the site.

Website contains stock icons (customised).