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Project Description

nostalgic technologies, 2014

Project Categories

web, digital publication, illustration, whitecliffe


Nostalgic Technologies is an interactive digital story that explores the personal and cultural implications of developments in communication technology, and the transition from written to digital mediums.

The work developed from my personal nostalgia for missives from my mother, that were sent while I was living overseas, and an interest in Svetlana Boym’s writings on the prevalence of nostalgia as a symptom of the postmodern age (Boym, 2011).

The web page uses letter excerpts, dating from 1992 to 2005 and focusing on technology and nostalgia, to construct a text narrative that works with scrolling motion graphics to reveal and reflect upon cultural changes.

Contemporary retro, digital collage illustration, a retro colour palette and a monospace san-serif typeface convey nostalgia within a contemporary design aesthetic, and engage with technological changes in visual communication design.

To view the web-page online with scroll effects please visit

Please note that for the purposes of the end of year exhibition this web-page was designed and built for display on an iPad Air.


Boym, S. (2011). Nostalgia. Retrieved from Atlas of Transformation: