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freelance, print,  LOGO DESIGN, ICON DESIGN, BANNER DESIGN, illustrator


Mind Over Money, with Nigel Latta, is a local television series produced by Ruckus Media in partnership with Kiwibank and TVNZ. It explores the psychology of money, aiming to encourage conversation and help New Zealanders’ make better financial decisions.

The series includes interactive ‘experiments’ that engage partipants and viewers, and require props. I was employed as a freelancer to design graphics for the series, in accordance with briefs from the Creative Director.

The objects I designed for series one include:

  • Logos for two fictional water brands, the expensive Arctic Flow and budget, house brand Simply Water.
  • A logo for the ‘nudge unit’.
  • A logo, to fit on a vertical banner, for a quiz show called ‘You've only got one life so do you really want to spend it endlessly researching stuff on the internet?’
  •  A ‘friendly’ logo for Nigel’s Savings Booth.
  • A series of 4 emojis – Sad, Neutral, Happy and Angry.
  • ‘50% Off ‘ Logo.